Double Geography | Open Water



Goodbye Great Escape

Rotating Sun Thing

Famous Italian Referee

Late Night Swimmer

Facing South

Sleep On The Bow

Prophet Elias Monastery

Open Water

The Return Leg

Invisible Inc once again presents another incredible full-length album from the talented Double Geography. featuring new school Jazz legends Greg Foat and Kaidi Akinnibi.
A progression from his previous releases, this time featuring several additional guest musicians, including stalwarts of the London jazz scene to compliment Thornley's electronics... adding a complexity and depth to each of these compositions and an overall 'organic' quality that makes these new pieces sound like quite a departure from the first album. Fretless bass, clarinet, piano and saxophone decorate the music with refrains and melodies that have been enchanting our reveries since first hearing them.
“I wanted to incorporate some live musicians on this release so called upon some of the talent I'd worked with as an engineer at MAP Studios...that was the main drive behind the music for this release. The tracks are named after things that relate to either leaving behind canal boat living, e.g. Goodbye Great Escape (Great Escape was the name of our boat) or memories from a trip to Hydra, Greece. All sorta water related… On one of our walks around the island we ended up sharing a beach with Pierluigi Collina hence Famous Italian Referee! That track felt like the weirdest of the bunch so it got designated the weirdest name / memory!” (Duncan Thornley, March 2024).
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Invisible, Inc

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