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Joan Bibiloni - Nits De La Sultana

The Zenmenn - The Legend Of Haziz

Stroer - When You Stopped Sleeping

Androo - W.i.o. Micmac Mix

Joel Graham - Cool Blue Pool

Jonny Nash - Dream It Right

Terekke - Just Ducking Around

Mei Honeycomb - Squeaky Eye Syndrome

Tombolo - Continental Drift

Kuniyuki Takahashi - Forest Dust

Yu Su J. Wilson - Mitti Attar

Gigi Masin - Panama Girl

Ocean Moon - The Ecstatic Alarm

Michal Turtle - Borrowed Times

Ramzi - Baci

Suso Saiz – Kailas

Dea - Undecenial

Beautiful movements feom MFM, a fitting tribute to Jamie Tiller and one of the last projects he worked on 2023 marks the tenth year of Music From Memory; a decade of groundbreaking archival releases, cross-generational collaborations and long-standing creative partnerships with our ever-expanding community of artists.

To celebrate this milestone, earlier this year we asked our roster of artists to submit a piece of music for an anniversary compilation. As submissions gradually came in, we were blown away by what we received and slowly began to piece them together into what was to become “10”.

Featuring work from artists who were present during the formation of the label, such as Gigi Masin, Joan Bibiloni and Michal Turtle, as well as artists like The Zenmenn, RAMZi and Dea, who have helped the label expand over subsequent years, “10” serves as a natural bookmark of where we are musically, whilst simultaneously reflecting on the label's rich musical past.

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Music From Memory

Tags: 2xlp, Ambient, Androo, Dea, Gigi masin, Joan bibiloni, Joel graham, Jonny nash, Kuniyuki takahashi, Mei honeycomb, Michal turtle, Music from memory, Ocean moon, Ramzi, Stroer, Suso saiz, Terekke, The zenmenn, Tombolo, Yu su j. wilson

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