Terrace | Isolation EP




Sunset Route

Magic Potion

Voices From The Moon


After the retrospective Delsin/Eevo Lute releases, Delsin continues the collab with the legendary Stefan Robbers.Using his original Terrace moniker with four new tracks touching the brilliance of original Detroit Techno. He was one of the very first in Europe to produce and connect with the Detroit oriented techno scene with "916 Buena Avenue" on the legendary Djax-Up-Beats from 1990. His Isolation EP brings four brand new trademark Terrace tracks. 'Sonomatic' has the original emotive Technosoul, reminding of early Model 500 works. 'Sunset Route' touches the European synth/Kraftwerk lines where 'Magic Potion' is a bright uplifting dancefloor mover. Closing track 'Voices From The Moon' finishes the pack with a more introvert and much darker approach.

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Tags: 12", Backcatalog oc22, Deep techno, Delsin, Experimental, Terrace

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