Marco Calderoni | How To Use The World Volume 1&2



7 Heavens

Exploring The Unknown

How 2 Use The Sky

Freedom Works

Sea Of Quiet

Tapping The Collective Memory

From the catalogue of Italy's charismatic Interactive Test label, helmed by the Falsini brothers, Sound Metaphors Records compiles a selection from the two volume "How To Use The World" series. A collection of raw, experimental proto sounding house numbers composed and played by Marco Calderoni with help on production and writing by Giacomo Brunetti. Originally released in 1991, these releases have since then become deeply craved items amongst collectors and specialists of Italo House. With a sound so unmistakably unique, these productions will be hard to forget, from a time when house music wasn't even concretely established as a genre, these experimental proto nuances in club oriented sound played a defining role in Italy's emerging club sound. Thoroughly remastered at manmade mastering in Berlin, same sound new body.

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Sound Metaphors Records

Tags: 12", Ambient, Balearic, Deep house, House, Marco calderoni, Sound metaphors records

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