Yagya | Sleepygirls



Label: Delsin
Cat No: 106DSR-LP

Status: Landed

3xLP Ambient Delsin Dub Techno Yagya


Sleepygirl 1

Sleepygirl 2

Sleepygirl 3

Sleepygirl 4

Sleepygirl 5

Sleepygirl 6

Sleepygirl 7

Sleepygirl 8

Sleepygirl 9

Sleepygirl 10

Sleepygirl 11

The classic ambient dub techno album by Yagya celebrates its 10th anniversary with this 3LP re-issue on Delsin, still gaining more fans and listeners since the initial release in May 2014.

Deep, spacious and dubbed out affair that stays locked at a pleasingly sedentary tempo throughout. "I wanted to create an album that's atmospheric, repetitive, and easy to listen to over and over again," says the man himself. "Something that works well in the background (e.g. when concentrating on work), as well as up close in a big sound system. I also wanted to learn how to make my music sound better than before, since I'm a huge sound-nerd, so that was a part of the goal for me personally." The album is a fine fusion of tropes from Yagya's earlier albums, features jazz instrumentalists that improvise beautiful melodies over monotonic, almost drone-like, techno beats and also uses live recordings of Japanese vocals, saxophone and guitar to counter the repetitiveness of the rhythms.