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Try Making Love

Check It Out

The Dealer

The Rebels

Sexy Lady You

A Little More Love

Living On A String

Dance With Me

Try Making Love (Al Kent Rework)

A Little More Love (Sol Power All-Stars Extended Dub)

Dent and top spine graze on all copies - so very nice price!

In the late '70s, Wild Fire was one of the more popular groups in Trinidad. Formed by Oliver “Stompy” Chapman back in 1962 the group was originally named the Sparks. By the disco era, Wild Fire was the house band at night clubs like Disco Tracks and the Upper Level.

Recorded at KH Studios, “Living On A String” with its unique disco synth sound by keyboard player Calvin Duncan was about the hard living of one trying to survive ças a musician and hope to one day partake in the material strappings of fame. “The Rebels” was more about the political struggle for the young in the country at the time. There was a lot of corruption in the government and a lot of young people out of work. The song called to stand up and rebel against the regime. And years later in 1990 it did happen when the Muslim group Jamaat al Muslimeen stormed the Red House (Trinidad’s Parliament House) and took cabinet members hostage.

Wild Fire would go on to tour the Caribbean extensively including stops in Barbados, Antigua, St. Thomas and Guadeloupe. The group had a massive local hit with their track “Say A Little Prayer.” The group would disband in 1985 and Oliver Chapman would move to America. Wild Fire - Dance Hits is a collection of Wild Fire's more dance friendly material.