Waajeed | Memoirs of Hi

Tech Jazz


Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz (feat. Black Nix)

Motor City Madness

Snake Eyes

Let's Give It Up (feat. Archpriest Rev. Wanika K. Stephens, De'Sean Jones)

The Dub

The Ballad of Robert O'Bryant

Keep It Coming


Right Now


Waajeed presents Detroit... Inspired by revolutionary efforts against oppressive hegemonies in Detroit, and in Black locales around the world, Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz is a sound score evocative of that resistance. It is also a reminder that although violence and injustice looms, it is not the only story: we are much more than what oppresses us. The album celebrates Black leisure and play; the mundane joys that persist in spite of the depleting realities of the world.

Movement, and the very mobility of the car specifically is integral to Memoirs of Hi Tech Jazz. Timed perfectly to match the duration of a round trip drive from Underground Music Academy in the North End, to Detroit’s island park, Belle Isle - the album is undoubtedly best experienced while driving.

That journey signifies the transition from labor to pleasure: from the neighborhood of the Techno Museum in North End to an outdoor park that has long been a destination for Black Detroiters to cookout, park their boats, play spades, and listen to local music.

Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz embodies the feeling this place engenders—a reprieve from the midwestern work ethic, and a reminder to ground in the pleasures of your body and the land.o harness as a musician in his newfound home of Chicago.

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