Various | Shouts 2021 Vol 1


shouts 2021 vol 1


Liluzu - Nano

Mafou - Warda

Nidia - Celebration

Yushh - 3.15

Dylan Bryne - Cherenkov Blue

Klein Zage - The Sayers

Part One featuring mid-tempo trips for chugging and percussive deep melts - inc the sweet beatdown 4/4 funky techno rolling Dylan Bryne track - check!

Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section International imprint curate the second installment of SHOUTS, a 21 track compilation with a diverse selection of artists whose music spans spoken word, DIY funk, house, techno, trap, indie, RnB and the many sub-genres in between. SHOUTS 2021 highlights the dynamic journey and sound of the Rhythm Section International imprint, this time focusing on a global selection of completely new artists. An opportunity to shout about the next generation of musical talent from across the UK, Ireland, US, Middle East, Australia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.