Various | Hedzoleh Soundz Remixes - Expected Soon


hedzoleh soundz remixes - expected soon


Kaa Ye Oyai Don T Be In A Hurry (Mark Ernestus Remix)

Rekpete - (Jimi Tenor Rework)

Y Yei Baa Gbe Wo (Gavsborg Remix)

Sacha Todd S Simplex Meets Hedzoleh (Waltraud Blischke Remix)

Features an eloquent, deep, deeply deadly poppy even, dub by Mark Ernestus.

After reissuing Hedzoleh by Hedzoleh in 2022, a collaborative effort by Meakusma and Soundway, this new 12inch features remixes by Jimi Tenor, Mark Ernestus, Gavsborg and Waltraud Blischke, transporting and transfusing Hedzoleh's tracks into new spheres and circumstances. Hedzoleh Soundz was one of the first and most original ‘Afro’ bands from 1970s Ghana, playing an unusual mix of traditional music and western rock as part of the West African Highlife scene.