Various | Echo Wielkiej Plyty: Rare Unreleased & Forgotten Electronic Music From Poland 1982-1987


echo wielkiej plyty: rare unreleased & forgotten electronic music from poland 1982-1987


Andrzej Mikolajczak - Ring Modulator

Andrzej Mikolajczak - Tori

Andrzej Mikolajczak - Nocna Eskapada

Grupo Pot - Pamietnik Manekina (instrumental)

Wojciech Jagielski - Salatka Z Bananow

Wojciech Jagielski - Sniadanie Pod Palma

Jacek Skubikowski - Estrakcja

Krzysztof Duda - Robotron

Krzysztof Duda - Tascam

Mikolaj Hertel - Wewnetrzny Puls

Mikolaj Hertel - Powitania I Rozstania

Stefan Sendecki - Take Off (instrumental)

Stefan Sendecki - Tape Hunters

Stefan Sendecki - Astrozaglowiec

The 1980s in the West saw the widespread use of synthesized sound technology, previously largely unobtainable for amateurs because of its price. In communist Poland access to electronic instruments was still a different story. They were mostly only to be found in the recording studios of the state-run radio and television, some units were imported by western diplomats or Poles working on foreign contracts, and Soviet-made instruments were brought by soldiers of the Red Army stationed in Poland.

This album (eng. The Echoes of Plattenbau) features a number of long-forgotten or never before released recordings of electronic music created in the mid 1980s. These are unique and characteristic of the Polish scene, yet difficult to categorise, often hovering between the world-chasing trend of 'el-music', as it was dubbed in Poland, and muzak, often reduced to merely a background role in television programmes on science and computers.