Various | Claremont Editions Three



Hillside - Pole Vault

Hillside - For Daniel (Bosq remix)

Mike Salta & Mortale - Seashore Redemption

Jpye & Renato - Va La-Bas (feat Michael T) 

Taichi Arakawa - Ocean Sunrise

Neumayer Station - Crossings

Paqua - The Visitor (Conrad's Love Shark mix) 

Neumayer Station - Unterfuhrung

Ferdi Schuster - The Fuzz Version

Claremont proudly gives us Editions Volume 3 - another beautiful collection - the sweet groove, Balearic disco touched warm sound various artist double LP packed with Ambience, smooth jazz, blissful leftfield boogie and more.

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Claremont 56

Tags: 2xlp, Aor, Balearic, Claremont 56, Downtempo, Ferdi schuster, Hillside, Jpye & renato, Krautrock, Leftfield, Mike salta & mortale, Neumayer station, Paqua, Taichi arakawa, Trip hop

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