Various | Cameroon Garage Funk 1964 - 1979


cameroon garage funk 1964 - 1979


Jean-Pierre Djeukam - Africa Iyo

Joseph Kamga - Sie Tcheu

Los Camaroes - Ma Wde Wa

Los Camaroes - Esele Mulema Moam

Ndenga Andre Destin Et Les Golden Sounds - Yondja

Damas Swing Orchestra - Odylife

Charles Lembe Et Son Orchestra - Quiero Wapatcha

Louis Wasson Et L´Orchestre Kandem Irenée - Song Of Love

Tsanga Dieudonne - Les Souffrances

Pierre Didy Tchakounteet Les Tulipes Noiresmonde Moderne

Mballa Bony - Meyik Me Mema

Johnny Black Et Les Jokers - Mayi Bo Ya 

Pierre Didy Tchakounte - Ma Fou Fou

Lucas Tala - Woman Be Fire

Ndenga Andre Destin Et Les Golden Sounds - Ngamba - Ngamba

Highlighting Yaoundé’s 1970's underground music scene in sixteen tracks; pulsating with raw inspiration and sweat, DYI mood uniting the featured diverse musicians around their willingness to do everything themselves in order to take a chance in the music scene. Comes as a Double LP pressed on 140g virgin vinyl with a Gatefold Cover and a full color 12-pages Booklet.