Various Artists | Transmute Remix EP

Various Artists

transmute remix ep


Richard Sen - Abstract Dance (Kolago Kult’s Swamp Dub Mix)

Earth Boys - EBoys 2020 (Licaxxx Remix)

Fran-Key - Summer into Winter (Eric Duncan Remix)

Tim Sweeney - 8th & Broadway (Jex Opolis Remix)

Tendts - Slice the Top (Vin Sol & Matrixxmann Remix)

A truly international special remix collection...

Abstract Dance: London new school Kolago Kult, remixes London old school Richard Sen.

EBoys 2020: SF/NY based Earth Boys, get flipped via Tokyo icon Licaxxx.

Summer into Winter: Old friends share a track; Eric Duncan gives Tokyo’s Mild Bunch member Fran-Key an offering.

8th & Broadway: The great white north; Jex Opolis drops his trademark touch on Tim Sweeney's first solo production.

Slice the Top: SF/BE friends Vin Sol and Matrixxman produce this blissed out version for Greek brothers Tendts.