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Various Artists

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DMX Krew “Duke Beat”

Luke’s Anger “Blind Test”

Fear-E “Drunken Attic Conversion”

Jerome Hill “Plumphouse Groove”

Matt Whitehead “Mystery Of Mysteries”

DJ Raf “Espresso”

Cursor Miner “Back To Front Pants”

Mike Ash “Clone Cheek”

Dance System “Break It Down”

Jared Wilson “Srtraxx 2”

10 exclusive new tracks from regular SRTX crew plus a few new faces. All sides are cut loud for DJ use and will bang the party ..DMX heavy breaks , to serious house jacking , deeper techno moves and acid throbs , pure STRX! ...artwork from the hugely talented ‘Giacomo ‘Run’ Bufarini, a prolific street artist whose work appears around the globe and he’s nailed the vibe completely. *slight bend on sleeve, barely noticeable*