Various Artists | Spiritual Jazz 14: Private

Various Artists

spiritual jazz 14: private

Label: Jazzman
Cat No: JMANLP137

Status: Landed

Jazz Jazzman LP Smooth Jazz


Erni Clark - By The Grace Of God, I Am

Elysian Spring - Lotus

Radam Schwartz & Leslie Ford - Middle Eastern Fantasy

Mary Lou Williams - Communion Song: The World

Carmelo Garcia - Ethiopia

Black Is - Themes & Variations

Cullen Knight - A'Keem (Brother)

Don Menza Quintet - Spanish Boots (part 1 & 2)

Belair - Morning Rainwalk

Andrew McPherson - Delilah

Almanac - Symbiosis

Owen Marshall - Evolove (Full Length version) 

Bobby Jackson - Desiree Song

Compass - Pharoah's Thing

Jazzman unearths and present these jazz rarities - collector's minds exploding worldwide…

”Herein we examine a variety of tracks from a selection of privately pressed jazz records, released in the US between 1964 and 1987. One of the most interesting things we've found while researching this album is the variety of reasons behind coming up with a self-released record. No two stories are the same; some were done purely out of altruism to further the musical direction of students, others were simply trying to make it big, albeit on their own terms. But one solid truth remains that binds together each and every selection here – the artists didn't just make their music for the fun of it, they believed in their art so much that they took whatever steps they had available to them at the time, to get their music heard”.