Various Artists / Shanti Celeste | The Sound Of Love International #003

Various Artists / Shanti Celeste

the sound of love international #003

Label: Love International x Test Pressing
Cat No: LITPLP003

Status: landed


Shanti Celeste & Saoirse - Solid Maass

Persian - Morning Sun (feat Hannah Small) 

Seekers International - FurdaMurda

E.B.E - Thinking

Gideon Jackson - Taj-Mahal

Perpetual - Awakenings

Mark Seven - Crank

Paco Pack - Slap That Bass

Cari Lekebusch - Output 2

Pauline Anna Strom - In Flight Suspension


Sound of Love International 3, channelling the spirit of both those after-hours sessions and the more frivolous daytime boat parties. Serious music for serious music heads but holiday vibes too. Shanti Celeste with a very impressive collection here , from tranced out 90s house to breakbeat rhythms.

Clips here