Various Artists | Scopex 1998 – 2000



SX12001 Simulant – Simm City (1998)

A1. Simulant - New Machines 

A2. Simulant - Musical Box 

B1. Simulant - Wav. Form 

B2. Simulant - Wav. Form (Mix)

B3. Simulant - Untitled (locked groove)

SX12002 Simulant – Out Of Ether (2000)

A1. Simulant - Knife Edge 

A2. Simulant - Spectre 

B1. Simulant - Access Future Audio 

B2. Simulant - Access Future Audio (Mix)

SX12003 Pollon – Electratech (2000)

A1. Pollon - Lost Souls 

A2. Pollon - Lonely Planet 

B1. Pollon - Intro 

B2. Pollon - Lost Souls (Mix) 

B3. Pollon - Xtro 

SX12004 Simulant (2000)

A. Simulant - Optimal Flow 

B. Simulant - Pressure Point

Repressed... Impressive heavyweight underground electro bliss...

Originally reissued to mark the 300th release on Tresor Records and the 20th anniversary of the mysterious Scopex imprint, Tresor is pleased to present the long-awaited repress of the package. The three essential Scopex records and the previously unreleased track "Optimal Flow" are now completed by "Pressure Point", a new track on the H-side, available on vinyl for the first time on the 2022 edition.
Re-mastered from the original DAT tapes, the 4 records come together in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring the original and idiosyncratic Scopex designs with delicate spot UV print.

Regular price £27.99

Tags: 4x12", Backcatalog oc22, Electro, Pollon, Simulant, Tresor

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