Various Artists | Number 10 (Pt. 1)

Various Artists

number 10 (pt. 1)


Anderson - Synchronize Our Moves

Velvet Velour - Yesyesyes

Babu - Luna

Penelope - Gathering

Celebrating their 10th release, Tresydos presents a two-part special edition featuring artists that are already part of the family along with some new faces. Anderson is back with his signature sound giving a strong start to the EP. For A2, Tresydos welcomes Velvet Velour and his fresh take on house music. On the flip side, Babu also debuts on the label with “Luna” and its retro futuristic tones, followed by Penelope’s track “Gathering” which had already been released on Bandcamp and due to popular demand is now on vinyl format, part 2 soon…