Various Artists | Life’s Better With Disco Album Sampler

Various Artists

life’s better with disco album sampler


Firefly - Love is Gunna Be On Your Side (Dave Lee Love Emergency Mix)

Ruffneck - The Power - The Rhythm (Backroom Productions Feel The Music Mix)

Johnny Dynell - Rhythm Of Love (Larry Levan's Garage Dub)

Doug Willis - Doug's Disco Theme (Doug’s Disco Mix)

Sampler 12" from Z... brand new Dave Lee remix of Italo disco classic Firefly 'Love is gonna be on your side' Newer prev digital only uplifting NYNJ house remix of Ruffneck by Backroom Productions (Basement Boys and Cassio Ware originally), rare Larry Levan dub and a Doug Willis disco tribute groove - Usual quality Zedd bumper package.