Various Artists | Hamam House Vol. 2

Various Artists

hamam house vol. 2


Fattish - Gel Sehe 

Kozmonotosman - Helvaci 

Kurtadam - Soz Yok 

Tokyo Matt - pi po pa editsu 

Repressed! Turkish and cosmic delights...

"All-star cast from 4 different cosmic corners comes the more electronic side of Hamam. Think of it as the Dorian Gray of Frankfurt airport, but instead it's at the Hamam in Istanbul. Fattish - no stranger to electronic versions of loved and cherished Turkish songs, Fattish delivers a monster cinematic piece, strings section... the whole lot... check anything he puts his hands on, this one made it to the wax Kozmonotosman - our man on the moon, he visits regularly so if u need any rocks or bits ask him he will bring u, I got loads of rock so u can ask me alternatively.

My man delivers a super dope and groovy number from a not so well known jam from the 70's. Just get down and boogie on this. Kurt Adam - one of the new faves of the Hamam camp, delivers a taverna cut in a housey affair. Don't be fooled by the electronics, I drink raki to this any day at the drinkery. Hold me down if u can m gonna dance in euphoria, hear the wolfman roarrr".