Various Artists | Futurism Sampler

Various Artists

futurism sampler


Alena - Changes - Ron Basejam Remix

Yam Who? Feat Natasha Watts - I’m In Love

PBR Streetgang - J2ThaB

Brothers Young - Inferno

Repress of this 2011 sampler from the Yam Who ISM / Midnight Riot camp - includes Ron Basejam's sweet jam and PBR's James Brown cut up jam

Basejam gives a late-night twist to Alena – Changes, before Yam Who? teams up with the vocal talents of Natasha Watts for a modern-day interpretation of the Sha-Lor classic, ‘I’m In Love’.

On the flip side, PBR Streetgang aka Bonar Bradbury and Tom Thorpe go full funk with their stomper ‘J2ThaB’. Closing out the EP, Brothers Young let loose ‘Inferno’ featuring NY City's Brother of poetic license, D-Ham, whose narration takes listeners on a journey from back in the day when NYC’s underground scene consisted of merely a blue light, a basement and a feeling.