Various Artists | Axial Tilt - Solstice I

Various Artists

axial tilt - solstice i


Red Axes - Maztomeret

Zillas On Acid – Live From the Reptile House

Tyu - Kongaloka

Manfredas - Meshugas

Multi Culti launch a new quarterly 12" series in step with the seasons beginning with SOLSTICE I

Post-pandemic lockdown inspiration can be found in the great planetary balancing act that has taken place since a cataclysmic impact with an asteroid caused mass extinction and set our earth’s orbit off axis. 

Beginning this journey Red Axes provide a chakra-elevating soundtrack with their inimitable blend of psych-garage-tronica, a sun-kissed banger

Zillas On Acid turn in a robustly wiggly jam that electrifies, frazzling zaps and frenetic percussion recall the fritzy tension of the past year, a cathartic shock-treatment for traumatized dancers looking to get back to prime spine-shaking shape.

TYU from Mexico with a spooky, phosphorescent tribal dance, Tulumminati-tested and approved.

Finally, the big guy - Manfredas with wonky tunings and a chunky downtempo beat with breakdowns that managed to wring every last drop of impact out of an odd, other-worldy assortment of sounds.