Various Artists | A Family Affair

Various Artists

a family affair


Allysha Joy - Better (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Quiet Dawn & Sarah Williams White - One By One (Bruk It Version)

Takuya Kuroda - Fade (KEARL Remix)

Teotima - But I Can't (K15 Remix)

First Word hook up their London family for this broken / soulful dancefloor based ep - Allysha Joy's track 'Better' is re-visited by the don Kaidi Tatham, who reworks the track in his own inimitable way; starting on a half-tempo neo-soul vein, before switching to his trademark fusion of bruk, boogie and jazz mid-way. Plus K15's interpretation of Teotima taking elements of the original vocal from Ellie Rose Rusbridge, he transforms this one into a dreamy boogie-tinged groove.