Underground Resistance | Riot EP

Underground Resistance

riot ep







Repress! As the divide between rich and poor widens, as the planet suffers under the unending CO2 blanket our greediest humans create, as we build more walls, fences, borders, prisons and smart weapons.........

As the music you love is flooded with more and more rich, over publicized, totally untalented computer beat matched DJ’s !!!!!!

The Riot Sentinel stands ready. Strangely this music from Detroit home of the RIOT created almost thirty years ago by UR applies unfortunately even more now than it did then.

Are there any daring DJ’s left? Or are they all in it for the private jets, exotic locations, the fame, the fortune and getting laid??
When the people get tired of the bullshit they will take their music back, The Riot Sentinel will yell “Now is the time”