Todd Modes | Serpent EP

Todd Modes

serpent ep



Rain Rituals

Time Layers

Shedding Skin 

Back  in....After hours vibing live deepness... Detroit's Todd Modes (1/2 of Cosmic Handshakes) returns to GG for a 4 tracker of discoid motor city music. Featuring a plethora of international and local Detroit musical talents and movers the EP is not typical ,a distinctly 'live' group scenario, Modes and his crew offer us an organic 4 tracker steeped in ritualistic studio jamming and mixing, explosive live percussion, whispered chants and vocals, heavy dub stylings and jazz infused keys work, all graced with blasts of skilful saxophone and a feeling of hazy smoked out groove that only a lifetime of digging $1 thrift store disco 12"s and basement mixing sessions can lead to.