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Inverted Frequencies (Eerie Horn Mix)

Inverted Frequencies (Inverted Mix)

Inverted Frequencies (Xtrovert Mix)

Tripped out electronic house from the 90's... With releases on Sabres of Paradise and Hard Hands under their collective belts, and following the success of the 'Swirl' EP, Scott James and Chris Hayne unleashed the second installment of their Sound Virus project 'Inverted Frequencies'. Originally released in limited quantities on their own Lux Recordings label in 1995 turned into a rariety

The 'Eerie Horn Mix' kicks off proceedings, soaring strings rise above an incessant bass, the percussion bumps and a potent synth riff takes this mix to another level. Next up, the 'Inverted Mix' goes deeper. Subtle delicate melodies are intertwined with emotive chords and dubbed-out piano stabs that really lift the spirits.