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Sons and Daughters of Lite

let the sunshine in


Let The Sunshine In

Fly Away

Operation Feed Yourself

A Real Thing

Ju Ju's Door

Darkuman Junktion

2022 Reissue heavyweight 180 gram vinyl housed in a Tip-On jacket w/ Obi-strip - a very good looking LP!

Formed in Oakland in the early 1970s, the Sons and Daughters of Lite recorded their only LP, bit of a holy grail among collectors. A spiritual recording filled with soul, funk, jazz, and African percussion. The musical collective described themselves as a mix of African rhythms, Latin flavors, and Far Eastern textures. This album was virtually unknown to DJs and collectors until Michael McFadin's discovery in the late 80s. He then scoured the bay area and bought up multiple copies for his record store The Groove Merchant on Haight Street in San Francisco, many of which were bought from flea markets and the dollar bins of other shops. The outrageously funky title track became a jazz dance classic, courtesy of heavy radio and club play by top UK DJ and tastemaker Gilles Peterson.