Sexual Harrassment | I Need A Freak

Sexual Harrassment

i need a freak


I Need A Freak

If I Gave You A Party

You Are My Sexual Connection

Exercise Your Ass Off


We Didn't Say It

We Want Prince

These Are The Things That I Like


Dark Entries with a deluxe reissue of this inconic 1983 electro / synth-funk LP. Lynn Tolliver, DJ/Program Director at Cleveland’s WZAK, adopted the pseudonym David Payton in order to keep his musical endeavors separate from his public persona. Sexual Harrassment (misspelled deliberately) was formed as a concept band, with members selected based on appearance and choreographic skill rather than musical ability.  Sex sells he says!   Working at a studio in Akron, he recorded an album of quirky-yet-lurid electro funk, which was released on Heat Records.  Presented here for the first time on double LP, pressed at 45 rpm for maximum DJ-friendliness.