Carla Whitney | Choker Campbell & The Super Sounds - RSD2021

Carla Whitney

choker campbell & the super sounds - rsd2021


War (Long Version)


What Made You Change Your Mind

Tear Stained Pillow

Lovin’ At Midnight

Gimme Shelter

I’ve Been Hurt (So Many Times)

Hello Darling

War (Original Version) 

It’s You For Me

I’m Still In Love With You

Wisdom Song

Carla Whitney (with Choker Campbell and the Super Sounds), a relatively unknown soul gem that has flown under the radar since its release 46 years ago. Backed by Motown royalty Choker Campbell, the velvet-throated Whitney is like Aretha, Marlena Shaw and Vicki Anderson all rolled into one, flitting from cottony crooners to full-out funk stormers.

Somehow in 1975 the nearly 60-year-old Campbell managed to find his way to Canada, where he hooked up with the little-known but dyno-voiced Carla Whitney in Toronto, producing the only LP she would ever make and issuing it on the then-obscure Attic label. For the first time since its original release Attic are reissuing this rare album for RSD 2021.