Rahaan & DJ Emanuel | Remixes From The Dungeon Act II

Rahaan & DJ Emanuel

remixes from the dungeon act ii


Up In Flames

The Cure

Lucky Starships

Here is a special record for the disco fraternity - 300 copies only.

Chicago veterans Rahaan and DJ Emanuel have teamed up reworking this collection of classics, the pair brings a reimagined take on disco era dance floor staples with Rahaan’s trademark minimalism and punch.

Side A side contains a session remix of “Burnin’ Up,” a UK dance-pop crossover from seminal vogue performers, Imagination. With stems derived from a combination of the original 1981 mix and 1983’s Night Dubbing album remix, “Up In Flames” is a combination remix of a remix bringing to light a different side of Leee John and company’s original concept.

Side A also includes 1976 Motown disco classic “Love Hangover,” by Diana Ross. Only this time it’s not actually Diana on the track Expertly crafted, excerpts Diana while bringing to the forefront a mysterious background vocalist to helm the lead.

Across the entirety of Side B is a dubbed out 1978 groove from female P-funk phenomenons Parlet. Originally known as “Pleasure Principle,” the “Lucky Starships” remix remains close to the integrity of the original composition, while bringing to light that which has been buried in the original mixes.