Q / Ruth 'Silky’ Waters | The Voice Of Q / Everybody Loves A Good Funk [The Reflex Revisions]

Q / Ruth 'Silky’ Waters

the voice of q / everybody loves a good funk [the reflex revisions]


Q - The Voice Of Q [The Reflex Revision]

Ruth 'Silky' Waters - Everybody Loves A Good Funk [The Reflex)

For its first release on the newly launched, fully licensed label Discolidays, The Reflex tackles two underground disco cuts remixed from the original multitrack for the very first time.

‘The Voice of Q’ is a leftfield electro-disco/Italo gem originally released in 1982 on Philly World records. Produced by the studio team behind the label, the track has become a cult classic but had never been remixed from the stems until now. The Reflex brings it up to date with the added discovery of a pre-vocoder vocal and a full rap vocal that was left unused in the tapes, highlighting the funk bass to the max while pushing the cosmic vibes envelope even further.

‘Everybody Loves A Good Funk’ is a rather obscure ghetto disco-funk produced by John Davis (of the John Davis Orchestra fame) that was recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philly in 1980 for the Midsong International label. Heavy synth bass, super punchy horns and a devastating groove make up for a dancefloor killer revision. Again remixed strictly from the tapes for the first time, The Reflex gives this Ruth “Silky” Waters track the shine it always deserved.

With both tracks running at 118 bpm - same tempo different vibes.