Playin’ 4 the City | The Music & The Rhythm 1997-2003 -  Expected Soon

Playin’ 4 the City

the music & the rhythm 1997-2003 - expected soon


Music & The Rhythm (feat Electra Weston) 

My City Life (feat The Deep) 


The Shore (feat Loic Gayot) 



From Chicago To Paris (feat DJ Mel Hammond) 


This Road 

Dee Inside (feat Mandel Turner) 

Hall 3 

More Than Ever (feat Kearl The Voice) 

Atmosfear's Vibe 

Chicago Nights 

Limited repress of this class triple LP - Standing alone with that special soulful French touch through the years, soulful jazzed-out infectious house music...

It’s been now 25 years that Olivier Portal has been Playin’ 4 the City.

Very versatile in the beginning, he has nurtured his productions while doing club residencies in Paris and Chicago, making his music all the more dancing and developing a very original touch drawing near to the sounds of Chi-Town and New Jersey. By the end of the 90’s, he collaborated with many DJ’s and producers such as DJ Deep, Julien Jabre and Franck Roger among others, thus gaining a real credibility and much respect from the underground Parisian house scene and the world at large.

The Music & The Rhythm 1997-2003 brings back to the forefront some of the most anthemic tracks reflecting a very creative period in which Olivier Portal hooked up with great vocalists and players to produce his own style of deep house rich in soulful vocals, jazzy harmonies, funky bass lines and his trademark keyboard layers.