Payfone | Put Your Face Away


put your face away

Label: Otis
Cat No: OTIS02

Status: Landed

12" Backcatalog oc22 House Otis Payfone


Put Your Face Away

Put Your Face Away (extended dub) 

Always innovative - the reliably inspiring Payfone are back once more pushing the envelope with a sonic statement addressed to the late-night populous.

A dirty punk-funk bass guitar and kick drum combo kick off this slow groove 120 BPM party piece before a vintage drum machine steps in to take the track into warehouse territory, like Murk covering Liquid Liquid.

Smoke and sweat dripping from walls cling to your clothes as you melt into the sexually fluid vocals from an international array of vocal talent featuring Kyd Nereida (Dominican Republic) Philissa Williams (Washington D.C.) and Jo Harris (N. Carolina)

Raking in at 9 minutes, the B side is an extended dub version for those moments when time loses all context...

After a series of acclaimed releases on Golf Channel, Leng and Defected records, Payfone now delivers on their own Otis Records imprint.