Overmono | Cash Romantic - Expected Soon


cash romantic - expected soon

Label: XL
Cat No: XL1257T

Status: Inbound

12" Overmono Techno XL


Cash Romantic



Bone Mics


Overmono new 5 tracker, delving deeper into their sound, not so in your face, part introspective but with their modern hooks and breaks

"We found this box of old tapes we’d recorded when we were kids where we’d basically try and mashup old records of our parents with whatever records we were buying at the time. Gerry Rafferty mixed with London acid techno, Dr. Hook mixed with old weirdo trance tracks, and that sort of thing. The tapes are a proper mess but there was always something about trying to get two totally different worlds to collide that stuck with us. After listening to some of these old tapes, we wrote this record and realised our heads are still pretty much in the same space as when we were kids”.