Mr K | If You Really Love Me

Mr K

if you really love me


If You Really Love Me (Me & The Gang remix - Mr K edit)

Know You, I Live You (Mr K edit)


RSD USA 12"  from Mr K

Big party track.....Stevie Wonder's timeless "If You Really Love Me,"  Krivit in conjunction with Kei and Nagi of Dazzle Drums, & Me & the Gang, utilizes the entire original song structure, in the process lifting Syreeta's soaring backup vocals to the collaborative level they deserve, while underlaying the entire affair with Dazzle Drums' trademark percussion-heavy, four on the floor thump. 

Filling the flip side is Mr. K's much-loved take on Chaka Khan's "I Know You, I Live You." Appearing in a rather murkily EQ-ed form in the early 2000's, this new issue wipes away the sonic sludge with a sparkling mastering job that reveals the full range of Mr. K's epic edit. With pieces seamlessly stitched together from the original song, the album-only reprise, and Tony Humphries' remix from the 1989 Life Is A Dance Chaka remix project, this rightfully celebrated mix can lay claim to being the definitive release of this undisputed classic. There are hardly better calls to the dancefloor than this, as partygoers at countless jams can attest. Most Excellent Unlimited and Mr. K are pleased to offer DJs and listeners the opportunity to send that call out themselves with this new release, exclusively for Record Store Day 2022.