Malik Alston | Malik Alston presents Painted Pictures: Air - Expected Nov

Malik Alston

malik alston presents painted pictures: air - expected nov


Painted Pictures - Air

Painted Pictures - Almost On The One

Malik Alston & Painted Pictures - Butterfly

Painted Pictures - Where Do We Go

Malik Alston - Linwood (It's The Groove)

Painted Pictures - Rise Up (Savannah)

Detroit jazz... a collection of long lost tracks created by Malik and his band Painted Pictures

Following a prosperous career in music and poetry, Detroit-based musician and performer Malik Alston readies his vibrant album ‘Malik Alston Presents Painted Pictures: Air’ set for release via The Jazz Diaries. The album is a spirited celebration between jazz virtuosity and Motor City house music, showcasing Alston’s roots in Jazz, Gospel, Soul and Dance Music.

Alston’s story is one that is intrinsically aligned with the story of Detroit itself. Having hosted one of the first Slum Village concerts, and teaching vocal lessons to many members of the Detroit music community. His production and writing collaborations read like a who’s who of Detroit artists including Alton Miller, Amp Fiddler, Roy Davis Jr. & Javonntte and releases on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music to name a few. Malik’s mastery also earned him a nomination as 2005 Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer-Producer of the Year at the Detroit Music Awards. His poetry and music performances have been featured with the poetry troupe EmRuop and in concert with The Last Poets, Gil Scott-Heron and Jessica Care Moore. Having released several discs and has entertained audiences at the Winter Music Conference in Florida and at Club Module in Tokyo, Japan, Malik Alston’s music has touched the souls of many.