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Lord & Dego

lord & dego

Label: 2000black
Cat No: BLACKLP008

Status: Landed

2000Black Broken Beat Lord & Dego LP


Who's Gold, Who's Gold Plated?

Keep to the Left

Guess Who's Smoking

Life Happens Here

It's Not What You Know, It's What You Can Prove

No Romance

The Curtain Falls

They Don’y Know, Don't Care, Don't Care to Know

Better Than Pleasure

Your New Life Costs You Your Old Life

People Lie, Actions Don't

Pale Care, Avant!

Deepest London boogie / 2000Black jazz sounds.Serious... "The sound of optimism in the midst of battle. A bold, impassioned cry – railing against the forces of greed at their depth of their depravity. A statement of Socialist intent and rejection of all musical conformity. 20th Century Music - as there has been no 21st. The story hasn't ended and shows no sign of doing so. Beauty is truth, truth beauty said Keats - and all you need to know. No illusion. No lies. The clarity of identity. The teaming of Blackness and Neurodiversity and the manifold combination to be found within. Matt Lord and dego lead us away from avarice and onwards to Joy. Better than pleasure”.