Larry Heard | Alien

Larry Heard


Label: Alleviated
Cat No: ML9009lp

Status: Landed

12" 2xLP Alleviated Chicago Deep House Larry Heard


Faint Object Detection

The Dance Of Planet X


Flight Of The Comet


Galactic Travels Suite

Cosmology Myth

Two Journeys

The Beauty Of Celeste (feat Che)

Repressed....  Alien in 1996 was Larry Heard's first actual science-fiction record. It's almost as polished as the most mainstream dance production, but just as sublime as any Detroit producer. Heard's house roots often show themselves, while the chords and shimmering production make this an album almost on par with Heard's mid-'80s peak. The project was a recording & sound-development experiment that was mostly constructed around a Korg O1/W workstation keyboard that was left at Larry's studio.