Kerri Chandler feat Rev F L | Prayer

Kerri Chandler feat Rev F L


Label: Kaoz Theory
Cat No: KT021V

Status: Landed

12" Deep House Kaoz Theory Kerri Chandler


Prayer (Media vocal)

Prayer (Media instrumental)

Prayer (623 Again vocal)

Prayer (Feel mix)

Kerri Chandler returns to his own Kaoz Theory label with ‘Prayer’, featuring the large power vocals of F L Brown, classic Kerri house Media mixes.

The ‘623 Again Vocal Mix’ on the flip, shifts things into Dub Techno realms courtesy of a bumpy, driving rhythm, unfaltering stabs and robust low-end tones.

Then our favorite ‘Feel Mix’ stripping things back to a soulful electronic house groove with the vocal in a dub fashion - Go Kerri.