K1 / Dopplereffekt | Star Gazing EP

K1 / Dopplereffekt

star gazing ep


Star Gazing

Telescope Array

Keith Tucker and Gerald Donald of Dopplereffekt did it... They finally got together, two of the originators from the monumental Detroit electronic groups Aux88 and Drexciya. That unearthly eerie electro funk and strings from other worlds.

Words from the label:

1) "Star Gazing"- Is reminiscent of Cybotrons eclectic funk style with Tucker unmistakable electronic vocals and electronic beats slapping you in the face.

2) "Telescope Array"- Is an extension of Gerald Donald legendary aliases that give listeners that cold minimal drum and beautiful arps that hypnotize. Thumping bass line and ...bonus vocal interlude at the end of this interstellar track.