K.S Eden | Passed Beyond - Expected Feb

K.S Eden

passed beyond - expected feb

Label: Stroom
Cat No: STRLP044

Status: Inbound

Ambient K.S Eden LP New Wave Stroom


41 Degrees - Silent Towns

41 Degrees - The Spirit Moves

K.S. Eden - Still Beats

K.S. Eden - Hombre

K.S. Eden - Gathering Dust

K.S. Eden - ... In Open Country

K.S. Eden - Ghost Fires

K.S. Eden - Cross Track

41 Degrees - White Flowers

41 Degrees - November


Stroom with some extra deep introspective 80's electronics and organic spatial sounds..."Murmurs from Stockport (1982-1988). Throughout history there are many examples of artists who did not receive the credit their work is due during the years they were active. K.S. Eden is an artist who should be discussed in these terms."