Joey Beltram | Beltram Vol. 1 (Purple Vinyl)

Joey Beltram

beltram vol. 1 (purple vinyl)

Label: R&S

Status: Landed

12" Joey Beltram Purple Vinyl R&S Techno


Energy Flash

Jazz 3033

Subsonic Trance

Psycho Bass

Purple vinyl press. Released originally in 1990 included ‘Energy Flash’, alongside three equally ground-breaking dance tracks that possibly get overshadowed by the big lead track. But tracks like ‘Subsonic Bass’ broke the mould and went on to influence a raft of rave and drum ‘n’ bass tunes, thanks in part to its use of the now legendary ‘hoover’ bass sound. The sinister acid of ‘Jazz 3033’ and the menacingly titled ‘Psycho Bass’ reveals the EP’s most passive moment, as its solid breakbeat cuts through ethereal tones and chugging synths.

Remastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, and the release comes in an updated sleeve, faithfully recreating the 1990 packaging.

Lets hope there is not 2 seconds missing like on the vol 2 repress recently!