Jeff Mills And The Zanza 21 ‎| When The Time Is Right

Jeff Mills And The Zanza 21 ‎| When The Time Is Right

jeff mills and the zanza 21 ‎| when the time is right


When The Time Is Right (Original Version)

When The Time Is Right (Only For The Night)

Something Like That (Moody Mix)

Deep and uplifting jazz touched Mills - searching back to UR days , Moody mix too.. Sounds great. Everyone should check this...

Jeff Mills and the Zanza 21 project is a new forthcoming creation that's been self-constructing for quite some time. Not out in the open and easy to see, but it's been evolving more in recent months through the imprint "Millsart" album releases and as an accumulation of ideas that are influences of Mills' affection for Jazz Music as well as his constant appetite to creatively explore. The idea behind Zanza 21 is based on an old theory that "Music is most useful at the point when it touches the soul of the listener, until then, its just sound". So, the main layer in the foundation starts there.