Jamiroquai | Everybody's Going To The Moon - Rsd2021 Drop 2 - Saturday 6pm Release


everybody's going to the moon - rsd2021 drop 2 - saturday 6pm release

Label: CMG
Cat No: 19439875091

Status: Landed

12" CMG Funk Jamiroquai RSD2021


Everybody's Going To The Moon

Deeper Underground (Chillington Mix)

Limited edition 12” single for Record Store Day 2021 released in celebration of Jamiroquai co-writer Toby Smith who sadly passed away from cancer in 2017. Co-written by Toby the track has previously been unavailable on vinyl, having only been released as part of the soundtrack for the film Titan A.E. In keeping with the movie soundtrack theme, the b side features the Chillington remix of Deeper Underground (from 1998’s Godzilla movie) - also co-written written by Toby. 180g black vinyl with foil numbered sleeves, die cut outer sleeve and rainbow mirror board disco sleeve.