Jaimie Branch | Fly Or Die Live

Jaimie Branch

fly or die live


Birds Of Paradise

Prayer For Amerikkka (part 1 & 2)


Twenty-Three N Me, Jupiter Redux

Reflections On A Broken Sea


Theme 001


Theme 002

Sun Tines

Leaves Of Glass (part 1)

Leaves Of Glass (part 2)

The Storm


Slip Tider

Simple Silver Surfer

Bird Dogs Of Paradise

Nuevo Roquero Estereo

Love Song

Theme Nothing

Deep jazz live… A week into a European tour and after three months of constant live performance, Fly or Die is at home in the music’s contours, and this live recording has turned out to be a choice moment!

“I didn't have a memory of the show being an amazing show,” branch says. “But sometimes when you have zero memory of it being good or bad, those are the best shows. Because when you're in the zone, in those moments of channeling creativity, there isn't time for judgment. So oftentimes a memory is not created around that judgment, and that's actually a good indication.” When branch did pop the tape in, she was unequivocal: “I think this is like the best that we've ever played.”