Idjut Boys | Dumme Willie

Idjut Boys

dumme willie

Label: Droid Behaviour
Cat No: DROID0422

Status: Landed

12" Droid Behaviour Idjut Boys Nu Disco


Dumme Willie

Dumme Willie (Drum version)


Schlagstock (Vacant Gaze version)


Back in!

Idjut Boys make a return! Dubbed out disco pumper that has the power through the machines...

Three’s a charm: U-Star, Noid and Droid! Of course, Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell have done way more than that. Better known as Idjut Boys, they were still there when the sun of the summer of love went down and the acid house fever settled down. As remixers extraordinaire, party priests, dub poets or mirror ball hippies, they were broadening minds with labels like Discfunction and treating disco as a way of life. It’s hard to imagine the British club (and music) scene without their mark. Here is their long-overdue return under the Droid umbrella. Reactivated for the needs and dance nerds of today, Droid initially had been designed for straight-up machine music, fierce drums, electronic body music and bass heavy melodies in 2008. Following that template, Droid 0422 sounds like a cocktail made from Prelude bonus beats, Supertronics dubs and stand-off between George Kranz and Curt Cress. Two well-crafted takes of each Dumme Willie and Schlagstock fill the proverbial boots of said influences and equally draw for your attention. An Idjut thing indeed. Fun fidelity guaranteed.