Humanoid | sT8818r Humanoid


st8818r humanoid

Label: De:tuned

Status: Landed

12" A664 Acid De:tuned Humanoid Luke Vibert Mike Dred


Stakker Humanoid

sT8818r (Luke Vibert remix)

sT8818r (A664 Mix by Autechre)

sT8818r (Mike Dred remix)

Ltd edition clear magenta vinyl double printed outer + inner sleeve One per customer

"Humanoid strikes back on De:tuned with a remastered version of the pioneering 1988 crossover UK number 1 Dance Single "Stakker Humanoid". This major influential UK acid house cut has been breaking down UK culture barriers since its original release. Humanoid's music was also used in Stakker "Eurotechno", now housed in The Museum of Modern Art located in New York. De:tuned have invited personal favourites Autechre, Luke Vibert and Mike Dred to rework the new and uncompromising update "sT8818r" (previously released on DE:10.08) to complement the classic original”.