Hidden Spheres | You Are Not Your Body - Expected Early June

Hidden Spheres

you are not your body - expected early june



Euan 92

You Are Not Your Body

Love Your Body

Love Your Body (Ruf Dug remix)

Black vinyl. Wonderful loosely titled chuggy electronic balearic house - strong varied EP this guy is finding his niche!

You Are Not Your Body’ is a stellar collection of five tracks, which touch on the sensations of euphoria and the blissed-out intersection between early prog and Detroit House. Channeling energies for meditation and self love, things kick off with ‘Improvisation’ an electro infused eight minute workout, whilst ‘Euan 92’ is a festival-defining ‘hands-in-the-air’ anthem tried and tested by Bradley Zero on the road throughout 2021.

Love Your Body is a delightful disco-esque chugger reinforcing joyful energies and an infectious bass line to keep you wiggling on the dance floor. Things come to a close with a spaced out balearic house remix by RS family favourite Ruf Dug.