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greatest treasure - expected soon


Random Escapade

Greatest Treasure 

Falling Star 

Columbo De Domingo 

Mirror To Water 

Wobble In The Pool 

Mystery Of Zambio 

"Fuga Ronto's second release Greatest Treasure is a musical journey exploring different kinds of territories by blending elements of synth-funk, dub, fusion, new wave and ambient with household noises, reverb vocals and quotes from movies to adventure games. Out of playful recording sessions, the Zurich duo Schweizer and Shiller created songs with track names that read like movie titles. The treasure quest begins with a tongue-in-cheek intro before the title track kicks in. It’s all about exotic boogie with adventurous lyrics and voodoo magic. The rhythm guitar, percussion and multilingual chanting driven single, Falling Star“, lures even unathletic feet onto the dancefloor”.