Fire Flight | Exit

Fire Flight


Label: Isle Of Jura
Cat No: ISLELP008

Status: Landed

Fire Flight Funk / Soul Isle Of Jura LP Reissue


Heartbreak City

Best Shot

Hard Life

Wantin' U

Brown Sugar

White Horse

I'm On Love

Mornin’ Lovin

Very in demand and hard to find LP from Barbados comes with an alternate cover and Includes the catchy banger ''Wantin’ U'' big uplifting Caribbean disco boogie cut.

For the next release, we head to Barbados and 1985 for the first official reissue of ‘Exit’ by Fire Flight. The best reissues succinctly capture a moment in time and this album provides a snapshot of island life in the Caribbean region of the Americas in the middle of the 1980s. The LP encompasses new wave, funk and early house rhythms with a backbone of calypso.